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Trustybell App.

Identified communication – easy to use and reliable.


With our Video-Calling Feature, you can talk to anybody, anywhere having your customer or citizen fully identified. You can set meetings, manage your schedule and send invitations to anyone with an E-mail Address. Your caller goes through an easy, extremely secure, and truly fast identification process before joining you on the call, where you will see the data the identification process provided. 


With the Voice-Call feature, you can have your classical telephone call but with the possibility of identifying the person, you call or yourself. Either you call after identifying yourself or if you call someone to his Trustybell APP you can ask him to identify, he´ll be on hold to go through the identification process and be back in less than a minute to talk to you fully identified. 


Do you know old-school registered mail? Well, this is the same but instantly and worldwide! For example: Send a document to someone on the other side of the world, to open and see if he has to identify, after identifying the document is delivered and you have legal proof of who it was delivered to. You want to be sure just an appointed person can open the document, no problem! You tell Trustybell to compare the name or the birthdate to the identified information and it will just open if it’s a match! 

Chat with identification

This one your customers will love! The fastest way to solve your customers’ questions without compromising on security. Your customer or citizen will join the chat with your agent after going through our identification process where you will be able to chat with him and give him information you couldn’t provide if he wasn’t identified. While you chat you can send documents and your customer or citizen can sign them as if he was in your agent’s office.


All the features of Trustybell include the payment option – your caller, chat-partner or the person you send a document to is able to pay you fees on the same process.