Who is Trustybell?

Trustybell was founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 crisis in Munich and operates across Europe. The innovative team around the three founders is constantly growing and evolving.

The team has grown since then and we are now in four european countries.

Trustybell GmbH
Würmstrasse 55
D-82166 Gräfelfing, Germany
+49 89 8583 6074 20
HRB 258290

Who uses Trustybell?


We enable customers of public agencies to do their business comfortably from their mobile phone via video. Secure, climate neutral, and cost efficient.

Financial institutes

Financial institutes and banks benefit from the legal security of Trustybell when doing business over the phone and add a value add for their customers. Trustybell fulfils die eIDAS standard.

Private businesses

Private businesses benefit from the flexible and cost efficient technology of video telephony. No big office for customer visits, less infrastructure, and employees can work from home without big investments.

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